Official road sign typefaces

For your own personal use only. For any further distribution please respect the copyright provisions embedded in font information.

de: DIN 1451 -like
fr: Caracteres L1-L2-L4 -like @Frank Rausch
be: SNV Regular & Condensed @Becker
uk: Transport -like
us: FHWA -like @Roadgeek
pl: Drogówka -like (unknown)
se: Tratex -genuine
bonus 1: old UK and aviatics font -like
bonus 2: Prague underground font -like (CDR outlined from original Metron) (maybe one day here)

Fonts (or equivalent) used in different countries: (see also typowiki)
Germany: DIN 1451 Eng- & Mittelschrift
France: Caracteres L1 thru L4
UK: Transport
Czech Republic: DIN 1451 Eng- & Mittelschrift
USA/Canada: FHWA
Luxembourg: SNV regular & condensed uppercase, Caracteres L4, Traffic Type Lux (discontinued serif font for local names)
Belgium: SNV regular & condensed
Netherlands: ANWB (close to FHWA)
Switzerland: Frutiger (no public domain available)
Austria: Eng- & Mittelschrift Austria (derived from DIN, no public domain)
Poland: Drogowka
Ireland: Transport
Spain: Carretera / Traffic Type Spain D (based on FHWA)
Italy: Carretera (based on FHWA)
Portugal: Carretera (based on FHWA)
Sweden: Tratex
Denmark: Vejtavleskrift (based on Transport)
Iceland: Transport
Norway: Trafikkalfabet (no public domain)
Greece: Carretera, DIN 1451 Mittelschrift
Turkey: Carretera
most of Latin America: FHWA or derived